sublime concoctions

{September 28, 2009}   new blog

I am creating this blog to explore and express my relationship to food as an art- I see food as an art form , not just in style, texture and taste- but an art of nurturing and healing myself and my loved ones. I see this as a format to finally start sharing this on a larger scale with friends and family and finally start writing down the creations and recipes I form as I go. My style of cooking has always been pretty loose and somewhat chaotic- so, for instance, I will take my inspiration from a  recipe that seems interesting, like a platform- then I will change it up- use what I have in the house sometimes, or go by the seasons to replace certain things and usually the recipe gets turned on its head- sometimes, this works beautifully- sometimes this is a disaster- but it never usually happens more than one time because I never write anything down when I go. More and more I have come up with combinations that are from my own design completely-  or always a twist on an old favorite bumping it up with more courageous ingredients that have healing benefits. When I cook, I think of all the attributes of the spices, the grains, the vitamins in the fruits or veggies etc- I am learning more everyday and I know I get some of my best inspirations from people in my life and this is also why I want to do this blog. I do not see myself as a “foodie”- i see myself as a nurturer and an artist.  Always I am creating with a restraint – this will come out in how I shop and substitute and I am very resourceful- so this means I cannot always be a purist or have THE BEST RECIPES- it means- i have found a way to cook something good on a dime and I always always try to involve sustainability and principles over anything else involved such as top cuts of meat etc- i will have a recipe wrote up the best I can- but i was trained in “dump cooking” by my mom and grand mom and great grandma- this is why i make a lousy baker…:)……i do by feel and taste and i am in my zone- hope i can translate the ideas so someone can follow if they desire. ..but this is not a cookbook. I will be including new theories on food as a healing agent- supplements I try and also healing journeys as they come…. until next post- Rache


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