sublime concoctions

{September 29, 2009}   the steel deal

Steel cut Oats-my boyfriends standard.  I soak  these overnight now and it is the easiest way to have them going in the morning. These are not processed oats and truly I have been converted to eating this oatmeal most only ever now. Low GI and very sustaining- add an egg or two to the side or a cup of yogurt and you are going to have an even keel blood sugar all morning. THE WORST we can do to ourselves in the morning is eat high carb sugary food- we spike our blood sugar- get a buzz- think that false energy is your answer?  it might be a fix, but you will crash and your whole day will be a series of fixing the problem.

1 cup of steel cut oats

31/2 cup water

throw this in your pan before you go to bed- leave covered overnight. bring to boil in the morning- drop down to low immediately before it boils over and let go for 15-20 min.

ADD INS- limitless options of course —

-my usual suspects:

Frozen berries right into the finished hot oats- stir preferred amount and it cools down the oats and thaws the berries.

Ground Flax

Agave Nectar

my personal requirement is Cinnamon- it is good for you and an easy way to sweeten naturally and give your immune system a helping hand.they are finding this spice has anti-viral/ anti-bacterial properties- i just knew it !


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