sublime concoctions

{September 30, 2009}   freaky banana

Ok, this is my best version of a milkshake that I could ever desire in life.

first of all- i learned a trick from Moosewood cooking books years ago I loved- freezing older bananas- i have stepped this up to freezing slightly under-ripe for me to lower the GI…but for a treat and for my kids- it makes a smoothie wonderful and you can create an ice cream with no added sugar or anything in a snap. So- assuming you have 4-5 older bananas frozen-(peeling them by running under hot water a few seconds- then peeling with a butter knife- i cut off the skin more than peel it) here is a worthy endeavor for a health tonic that is a desert…if you are not into raw milk or cant have it- i suggest using whole organic milk for this and for the kiddies special treat- otherwise, do coconut milk, lowfat, whatever…

4-5 froz bananas

two vanilla beans stripped down the middle and take off all the good stuff with a flat knife( sub van extract  to taste 1 tsp or 2 if desire)

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/8 cardamom (opt)

1 cup of raw milk (more or less depending on consistency)

blend well in blender- adding milk little at time to keep it moving..

this should make about 4-5 servings….pour in a mug or glass and top with sprinkle of cinnamon


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