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{September 30, 2009}   the sugar scam

My thoughts are on what we have been selling ourselves as nutritious food. As I make my kids breakfast- I imagine they are not eating typical for their peers. This morning, they had a piece of leftover cornbread and a berry-banana yogurt smoothie- no sweetener, save the frozen banana which acts nicely to make it yummy and smooth plus sweeten- my favorite trick for the kids smoothies. I am learning to avoid processed sugar- however it seems I have to be ever more vigilant on what I find acceptable.  The cornbread I made last night was a mix up of a recipe I love- but i used less than 1/4 cup of sugar ..the recipe called for 2/3 cup!  it was totally still on the sweet side and a touch of honey made it desert. Why do we sell things like granola bars as healthy alternatives to our kids when they are packed with unhealthy oils, and SUGAR out the wahzoo? DO NOT EVEN get me started on boxed sugar cereals and pop tarts…I think these companies should be ashamed of themselves shoving the commercials down our throats and telling people this is a nutritious breakfast. You ever try to have 3 kids on your heels at the store and they are all placed at the bottom shelves where the 2 yo who is GOING to FLIP OUT will- it is a fight I always win- but then i have to make it around every corner of the store and avoid candy and crap- not to mention the candy at the counters! (um- i lost that one a time or two with two year old tantrums from hell as you are checking out)…..I was raised without these colorful boxes and cartoon characters on my table, hardly ever pop or candy- and it might have been for economic reasons- but I am glad my upbringing set the tone- It is just sad- I mean how many kids are from families that do not put their energy into food like me and they are living off of this stuff first thing in the morning- and maybe even a pop out of the fridge or orange drink (which is full of vitamin c, so it must be good huh?) to wash it down- they go to school and have behavior problems diagnosed as ADHD or some shit like that? Maybe it is the sugar rush- a wheat  or food coloring allergy and then these kids have brain fog after their rush is over. I know when I was struggling through working full- time and surviving intense crisis as a parent- putting nutrition in place  would have been down the list if I was not geared that way- I might just take the word of the people talking saying- hey everyone is living like this – whats the harm? look at your grocery shelves!!! it is packed with sugar laden processed food meant to be quick and easy for people to not think for themselves…then as we grow up- everyone is down your throat to be thin and beautiful- so then we sell you on how you can fix yourself with other processed products…what a rat race!  I do buy these granola bars- i do get my kids doughnuts- i even will let them pick out a box of that crap if they want like once a year- but they always know it is JUNK FOOD> period-  and I am not selling myself on the notion it isnt anymore. I am going to get bulk snack mixes with nuts for protein and good fats and dried fruit like cherries with antioxidants and then they have something healthy- and a protein boost to make through their day.  I do think when i shop it is pretty funny- i am for sure not coming home with 75 percent of what i see in other peoples carts- and I have even more to learn for sure- but it makes me wonder how is that we are supporting this industry that our groceries stores are filled with crap we truly should avoid?  I am becoming vigilant and you look and sugar or high fructose corn syrup is in everything from ketchup to  meats to bread. I know this is old information to many peeps who are a health food junkie like me- but I wanted to acknowledge this process of stripping down the old habits and I am constantly bumping it up and being more aware and taking responsibility for reading these labels and not just assuming anything. One example is my boyfriend grabbed a loaf of bread I bought for the kids- he shook his finger at the high-fructose corn syrup on the list and I was pissed! I have been avoiding that ingredient for years now- this loaf of bread was from a company I have purchased from before- yet this one selection had the crap in it…sneaky and I got caught red-handed! LOL………..but i am for moderation and know my kids get junk along the way at school and events etc- this is why I feel it is important for it to be considered junk and not the accepted norm……..i have met the sugar radicals in the co-ops and mostly I think I prefer to be aware and have some place for junk…otherwise it becomes a challenge for the kids to find out what they are “missing”…However……i do think we parents need to stand up for our children and own what we support and i let my kids know it is a scam and they are not victims of that and they have the power to choose differently- and when the pop company comes to school for a fundraiser or wants to put a machine in the school- my kids hear how i think it is a horrible trick and they do not like being tricked! ::)…………well thats my rant on this subject for now.


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