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{October 22, 2009}   Enzymes make my head spin

Ok, so I havent written in a while- and thats ok cause aint nobody tunin in just yet- but in case anyone does, i have a few things to write. RAW  FOOD! ENZYMES. I am reading about “raw food diet” and  I am obsessing on enzymes and how our body processes food- how we break it down and how we absorb it and what the hell is all this controversy about food. I think i have sortof come to a basic comfort zone concerning RAW FOOD vs COOKED. I have read some pretty convincing articles on each side of the debate as i look down the rabbit hole.  Pretty much raw foodies are convinced that we get these enzymes from raw food so much more “wonderfully’ and not only that- cooked food hampers our immune systems and breeds illness. Everyone I have listened to about raw food has some beautiful feelings about it- some border on religious about it- The thing I love about raw food ideas is i love the idea of the vital energy we get from raw food- i kind of part ways though when i cant make some amazing veggie soup and not think it isnt good for my body too.  i think my comfort zone is looking  alot more like Nourishing Traditions-  ideas of the enzymes being activated and our bodies being assisted digesting by eating certain condiments such as pickles, chutneys and kraut with our meats and eating some raw- including meat- i am understanding the beauty in sprouting our nuts and grains and hope to find the motivation to get that ball rolling- i just know one thing about my new view on food- we do have to see food as alive- as energy and the more we respect that the better we will naturally feed ourselves- but by all means i will be learning more about how food works with my body so i can feed it optimally and not fall for a fad- but listen to reason and most importantly- my own body.  My head spins with all the concepts out there- i listen for the voices that are inclusive  and not dogmatic. It has to stretch its arms wide enough to embrace concepts and styles of eating traditionally across many cultures and it has to leave the element of love in the process- because food is magic. I will be including a lot more raw into my lifestyle- but I am not giving up my soup yet- and i am adding 2 new recipes on soup in the morning just to make my point! ;;)……….


OK, this was paired together and so I am writing about this together-

first the Jicama experiment-

long have i read about this Mexican treasure- a root veggie usually paired with lime- finally I ripped into one- ok, first this dish started with Melon in mind- then my boyfriend said mint- the magic word- i go to the store- grab the cantaloupe and grab up the neighboring raspberries, Jicama and mint- threw it together, tossed with lime and wallah- the best fruit salad i ever made!

Blushing Jicama

1 small Jicama, cut in julienne strips sorta

1 small box raspberries

1/2 cup of fresh mint sliced thin

1 small melon

juice of 1/2- to 1 lime

drizzle of agave if desired-

toss well and let set one hour at least in fridge of you can

Sultry apricots

a play off of a good date appetizer i never have made according to recipe- and always happy i substituted the apricots

take as many dried apricots as you need for your servings….id estimate 1/3 lb to one typical pkg of proscuitto …wrap these babies in thin layer of the meat and line them in a pan- bake at 350 about 20 min or until they are crisp…a variation is to cut them and stuff with small amount of herb goat cheese- then wrap and bake- i just happened to have family bring me some local artisan cheddar with rosemary i served on the side- this combo is amazing- people need about 3-4 or so to be a serving….

{October 4, 2009}   the Punkin’ Manifesto

I love  pumpkin pie. It is something i could eat morning , noon and night. Seriously, what a wealth of vitamins placed in a format that is sweet and so attached in our consciousness as a comfort food. I have worked with making the spiciest versions I could get away with having kids and last year I thought I had the best one. I am not patient enough to make good pie crust in my dinky kitchen- so this crust was adapted from a few tries of recipes and came up with my own yesterday, I added almonds ground up and what a perfect thing- here is my creation yesterday- again, not having vanilla made a chance addition I will always add from now on- orange zest. Next time I will insist to have on hand candied ginger- so i will add this to the recipe right now.

Punkin’ Manifesto


1 1/4 c flour

1/2 c almonds- ground in processor to pretty even and fine texture- not dust- but even and uniform (what a place to add the soaked and sprouted almonds from the enzyme point of view, next time i will give that a try)

1 c butter- or 1 /3 c cream cheese and 2/3 c butter (softened)

2 tsp of orange zest

3 tbls of sugar if desired

1/4 tsp salt

mix together- throw in fridge for an hour- place in pan and even out leaving somewhat of a shell along the sides- about 9 inch cake pan is the size or 8 in cake would be okay-


2 cups of pumkin

3 eggs

1 2/3 c of cream or evaporated milk ( i think go for cream)

2/3 c of honey or brown sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp of clove

2 tsp of cinnamon

1/4 cardamom

1/4 nutmeg

grate piece of ginger  about 1-2 inches to taste

zest of one orange

i zipped this in the blender- i had baked off the crust for a bit too long- so, try 10 min at 400, then place dark chocolate chips bottom of crust, add some small slices of candied ginger at bottom too and carefully pour filling – put back in oven and let go for 35-40 min 375 – until done and knife comes clean-

top with fresh whipped cream spiked with cloves and cinnamon

this  is a tart- more than a pie in my opinion- and it got raves from non-pumpkin pie eaters too- so I am happy to say it went over well

et cetera