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{October 5, 2009}   blushing Jicama and sultry apricots

OK, this was paired together and so I am writing about this together-

first the Jicama experiment-

long have i read about this Mexican treasure- a root veggie usually paired with lime- finally I ripped into one- ok, first this dish started with Melon in mind- then my boyfriend said mint- the magic word- i go to the store- grab the cantaloupe and grab up the neighboring raspberries, Jicama and mint- threw it together, tossed with lime and wallah- the best fruit salad i ever made!

Blushing Jicama

1 small Jicama, cut in julienne strips sorta

1 small box raspberries

1/2 cup of fresh mint sliced thin

1 small melon

juice of 1/2- to 1 lime

drizzle of agave if desired-

toss well and let set one hour at least in fridge of you can

Sultry apricots

a play off of a good date appetizer i never have made according to recipe- and always happy i substituted the apricots

take as many dried apricots as you need for your servings….id estimate 1/3 lb to one typical pkg of proscuitto …wrap these babies in thin layer of the meat and line them in a pan- bake at 350 about 20 min or until they are crisp…a variation is to cut them and stuff with small amount of herb goat cheese- then wrap and bake- i just happened to have family bring me some local artisan cheddar with rosemary i served on the side- this combo is amazing- people need about 3-4 or so to be a serving….


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