sublime concoctions

{December 14, 2009}   morning sacred cow

So, I have been busy exploring new worlds of herbs, super foods and movement. Specifically moving my body a lot more at the gym and complimenting my physical endeavors with new combinations and super foods. Three words – cacao, cayenne and maca. Raw chocolate is my new love…apparently through the roof health benefits in comparison to roasted cocoa- raw cacao just screams out with essence and I can for sure appreciate the flavor difference. Some people have commented on raw chocolate as chalky – but there is no hesitance for me- raw is best. I have many things going on with this new love, for now am taking a moment to add my first concoction with this maca /cacoa combo. I wont even go into maca here, it is deserving of its own entry after I have worked with it a while.

            Morning  Sacred Cow

            I cup unsweetened almond milk

            one banana (froz would be best)

           1 tsp raw cacao

         1 tsp maca root

        dash cayenne

      dash or two of cinnamon

      1 plus scoop preferred protein powder

       zip it in a blender and go to heaven for a while- i am going to do some yoga now!


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