sublime concoctions

{December 23, 2009}   Super Sexy Sassy Fudge

Ok, I am sharing my first official batch of Raw Cacao “fudge”??? I am telling you I am learning about the attitude of chocolate in a whole new way dealing with it raw- this somehow worked out so I am going to enter a journal note so to speak- take this with a grain of salt and dont try to follow it lest you end on the edge of complete disaster!

about 3/4 cup of Cacao paste

shake of cinnamon

1/4 tsp of cayenne

5 minced dates

1/4 cup of  ground golden flax

1/4 cup of raw pumpkin seeds

2 tbls Maca root

1 tbls mesquite

1/4 cup of  agave nectar / maple syrup

few hits of pink Himalayan  Sea salt

So, i took this to a double boiler to heat this slow and keep it low temp- melted this cacao paste- nice, silky, pretty- than wham! i added maple syrup and it seized up on me- when i realized it wasnt going back to that nice smooth format- i just threw everything i had into it above and pressed it into a fudge kind of form- i rolled it into balls and threw it into my candy foils and threw it in the fridge- and walla- i have chocolates thaat worked out despite the madness and they are a wee bit spicy for some- but they are high level nuggets of passion to be shared and taken as medicine…………….


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