sublime concoctions

{September 26, 2010}   Chanterelle on my mind

Had some Chanterelle mushrooms to cook up fresh from the local forest. gave it a go, pulled this together and it was really good!

Chicken main dish-
Chicken breast-
rosemary thin sliced ham or other favorite
basil leaves
-Beat the chicken breast thinly between some parchment paper, lightly bread and season to your liking- Italian or rosemary is nice. Brown breaded chicken in skillet with butter or oil- take ham and layer ham and cheese and basil leaves, roll and either pin together with toothpicks or your favorite method to keep it together- throw in 350 degree oven for about 25 min, checking for doneness after 20.

Chanterelle Mushrooms- approx 2 cups cleaned and chopped roughly
Spinach- about 1 bag organic baby spinach or I small bunch cleaned
2 or 3 cloves of garlic, minced
salt, pepper thyme red pepper
– Saute together mushrooms in butter, add garlic, seasoning in butter, add spinach toward end of cooking time- do NOT burn garlic, i add when my mushrooms are sweating-

I served with some simple brown rice cooked with my favorite veggie broth, ladled the veggie over the nicely sliced chicken over the rice- simple and good! i would have loved some wild rice to compliment the mushrooms!


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