sublime concoctions

{December 23, 2009}   Super Sexy Sassy Fudge

Ok, I am sharing my first official batch of Raw Cacao “fudge”??? I am telling you I am learning about the attitude of chocolate in a whole new way dealing with it raw- this somehow worked out so I am going to enter a journal note so to speak- take this with a grain of salt and dont try to follow it lest you end on the edge of complete disaster!

about 3/4 cup of Cacao paste

shake of cinnamon

1/4 tsp of cayenne

5 minced dates

1/4 cup of  ground golden flax

1/4 cup of raw pumpkin seeds

2 tbls Maca root

1 tbls mesquite

1/4 cup of  agave nectar / maple syrup

few hits of pink Himalayan  Sea salt

So, i took this to a double boiler to heat this slow and keep it low temp- melted this cacao paste- nice, silky, pretty- than wham! i added maple syrup and it seized up on me- when i realized it wasnt going back to that nice smooth format- i just threw everything i had into it above and pressed it into a fudge kind of form- i rolled it into balls and threw it into my candy foils and threw it in the fridge- and walla- i have chocolates thaat worked out despite the madness and they are a wee bit spicy for some- but they are high level nuggets of passion to be shared and taken as medicine…………….


{October 4, 2009}   the Punkin’ Manifesto

I love  pumpkin pie. It is something i could eat morning , noon and night. Seriously, what a wealth of vitamins placed in a format that is sweet and so attached in our consciousness as a comfort food. I have worked with making the spiciest versions I could get away with having kids and last year I thought I had the best one. I am not patient enough to make good pie crust in my dinky kitchen- so this crust was adapted from a few tries of recipes and came up with my own yesterday, I added almonds ground up and what a perfect thing- here is my creation yesterday- again, not having vanilla made a chance addition I will always add from now on- orange zest. Next time I will insist to have on hand candied ginger- so i will add this to the recipe right now.

Punkin’ Manifesto


1 1/4 c flour

1/2 c almonds- ground in processor to pretty even and fine texture- not dust- but even and uniform (what a place to add the soaked and sprouted almonds from the enzyme point of view, next time i will give that a try)

1 c butter- or 1 /3 c cream cheese and 2/3 c butter (softened)

2 tsp of orange zest

3 tbls of sugar if desired

1/4 tsp salt

mix together- throw in fridge for an hour- place in pan and even out leaving somewhat of a shell along the sides- about 9 inch cake pan is the size or 8 in cake would be okay-


2 cups of pumkin

3 eggs

1 2/3 c of cream or evaporated milk ( i think go for cream)

2/3 c of honey or brown sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp of clove

2 tsp of cinnamon

1/4 cardamom

1/4 nutmeg

grate piece of ginger  about 1-2 inches to taste

zest of one orange

i zipped this in the blender- i had baked off the crust for a bit too long- so, try 10 min at 400, then place dark chocolate chips bottom of crust, add some small slices of candied ginger at bottom too and carefully pour filling – put back in oven and let go for 35-40 min 375 – until done and knife comes clean-

top with fresh whipped cream spiked with cloves and cinnamon

this  is a tart- more than a pie in my opinion- and it got raves from non-pumpkin pie eaters too- so I am happy to say it went over well

{September 30, 2009}   freaky banana

Ok, this is my best version of a milkshake that I could ever desire in life.

first of all- i learned a trick from Moosewood cooking books years ago I loved- freezing older bananas- i have stepped this up to freezing slightly under-ripe for me to lower the GI…but for a treat and for my kids- it makes a smoothie wonderful and you can create an ice cream with no added sugar or anything in a snap. So- assuming you have 4-5 older bananas frozen-(peeling them by running under hot water a few seconds- then peeling with a butter knife- i cut off the skin more than peel it) here is a worthy endeavor for a health tonic that is a desert…if you are not into raw milk or cant have it- i suggest using whole organic milk for this and for the kiddies special treat- otherwise, do coconut milk, lowfat, whatever…

4-5 froz bananas

two vanilla beans stripped down the middle and take off all the good stuff with a flat knife( sub van extract  to taste 1 tsp or 2 if desire)

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/8 cardamom (opt)

1 cup of raw milk (more or less depending on consistency)

blend well in blender- adding milk little at time to keep it moving..

this should make about 4-5 servings….pour in a mug or glass and top with sprinkle of cinnamon

{September 29, 2009}   sweet thang

here is my simple beloved fantasy food

Greek Gods Greek style yogurt- honey flavored

fresh figs or fresh peaches

cinnamon all over the top

what else can i say- this is my first sweet addition to my post because this is heaven without any effort at all- this is THE  BOMB

et cetera